Refugee Talent Group Centre (RTG), Uganda – Call For Support

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Refugee Talent Group Centre (RTG) is a program that aims to empower refugees and host communities, using life skills, music and dance to develop self-sustainability and local integration in Kampala, Uganda. RTG was founded by UPG Sustainability Leader Mr. Kikuni Papy Victor Papsher.
After two years of closure due to Covid-19, schools in Uganda will open again on 10 January 2022. As our refugees and Ugandan children can finally go back to school, RTG is asking for your support to provide these children with school materials, including books, notebooks/paper, pens, pencils, bags, toilet paper, clothes, … You can donate the items directly to RTG or make a cash donation. Kindly get in touch here:
P.O BOX: 61935 Kampala-Uganda
For cash: Mobile +256786191369

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