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“Me for Myself” is a youth initiative campaign, dedicated to promoting the mental health and well-being of young people in the Asia Pacific. It was  founded by the initiation of youths aiming to raise awareness about mental health issues and provide coping mechanisms during this ongoing pandemic lock-down. The globally pandemic COVID-19 is affecting the daily life of many adolescents and teenagers which has led to limited social and physical activities that are triggering anxiety and psychological distress. A growing number of youths, particularly those in the cities, have been spending their days cooped up inside their room using the internet these days. Teenagers have passion, desire, and energy to do something but they also lack patience which can make them frustrated and hopeless.

To bring positivity and create a productivity platform for young youth, the “Me for Myself ” campaign was launched. This campaign is to educate and promote youths in a positive manner by providing them a productive platform where they can learn, teach, and explore new activities.

Link to the website: https://meformyself.com/


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