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United People Global (UPG) is a global community that encourages and enables people to participate in making the world a better place.  To do this we manage a network of independent and local communities of people who apply UPG’s mission and methods to tackle challenges within their communities. We call these “Communities of Champions”. And there is an opportunity for you to apply to establish a Community of Champions in your city or community. As a Captain you will work with others locally and be part of a global family.

Each UP Community is a non-partisan, non-religious group within a local community that is focused on empowering people to participate in the future of their communities. UP Communities contribute to resolving local challenges by collaborating with relevant stakeholders in a positive and non-confrontational manner. Each UP Community is composed of people from all walks of life and reflects the diversity of the community that the UP Community serves. The work of all Communities of Champions is facilitated by UPG, an independent not-for-profit organisation based in Geneva, Switzerland.

Do you identify with this? Do you think you have what it takes to lead a UPG Community of Champions?

Apply today:


  • Network and Community
    • A webpage for your Community of Champions hosted on the UPG website.
    • A logo for your Community of Champions.
    • Learn more about the world, locally and globally.
    • Be part of a global network of people who want to build a better future and can help you connect with other Champions locally.
    • Opportunity to have you and your activities featured on our Social Media pages.
  • Act and Influence the future
    • Preference to speak on our programs and be highlighted in our publications.
    • Share your own activities with a community of like-minded people
    • Opportunity to mobilize others to support your activity:
    • Opportunity to join the activities of others. The UPG community has a rich flow of ideas that are big and small, local and global that you can join or participate in.
  • Influence the global network
    • Influence the global network through opportunities to volunteer, to co-design, to shape and to lead specific UPG initiatives.
  • Shine
    • As a champion of people, a supporter of people through the work of United People Global. Beyond your own glow, your commitment also encourages others to make stronger commitments. Communities of Champions are specifically highlighted on UPG channels, with their consent.

P.S: More benefits to be shared with successful candidates.


Those who are serious about driving change in their community will be accepted. Everyone in a Community of Champions must fulfil the criteria to be a UPG Champion. Minimum age of every Champion is 18. Please learn more about UPG Champions here:

Apply Today:


  • Hajar Atmani

    Reply 22 October 2020 23 h 16 min

    Hi I’m hajar I’m willing to volunteer with you.

  • Muhammad Tanjid

    Reply 27 October 2020 7 h 57 min


  • khaoula

    Reply 17 November 2020 16 h 36 min

    Hello! I’m khaoula , I’m 19 years old , I love volunteering because I can share my opinion about life and help people to stand up and do what they love , I like to connect with new people and work in groups because it helps to have an excellent tool to build a good community in which we can live with others in peace , sharing our thoughts and ideas without racism or intolerance and helping each other to go foward.

  • SALMA Baddou

    Reply 3 December 2020 21 h 00 min

    Good job

  • ashraf

    Reply 7 December 2020 18 h 56 min


  • ashraf

    Reply 7 December 2020 18 h 58 min

    hello I would be happy if I had a chance to help with something good I want to apply for volunteering with you


    Reply 25 May 2021 4 h 23 min

    Thank you so much UPG for this other opportunity.

  • Abel Zibiah Kerkpeh

    Reply 13 November 2021 7 h 07 min

    I’m here to make the difference in the community.

  • Jean de Dieu CIDEKA

    Reply 30 August 2022 16 h 24 min

    Je suis Jean de Dieu CIDEKA Bisimwa, CEO de la société IMAQ-CONSULT SARLU! je suis aussi Champion UPG BIASHARA

  • Deinma Emmanuel George

    Reply 31 October 2022 22 h 54 min

    I have been fully involved in different humanitarian projects that is transforming my community, and proud of this program and Community.

    • olubodun akinwande

      Reply 26 July 2023 17 h 41 min

      Hi @Deinma, this is olubee, nice to see you here.

  • Ernest

    Reply 1 November 2022 14 h 20 min

    Wondering how i can be very active on the UPG platform

    I seem to be missing in action always

  • Javeria Waheed

    Reply 25 June 2023 19 h 13 min

    My name is Javeria, I’m a student of BS I’m willing to volunteer with you and I’m also in the UPG- team.

  • Amena

    Reply 31 July 2023 14 h 56 min

    I participated in UPG programs, but unfortunately I did not know English well and I used to translate sentences using Google Translate, but I am very happy to be in the UPG family.

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