Show your support to most vulnerable Urban Refugees in Kamapala, Uganda

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Uganda is among the top 5 countries in the world in hosting 1.5 million refugees from different African countries. 80,000 of them live and work in Kampala where they support themselves. (source office of prime minister June 2021)
At the beginning of June, the Uganda government imposed 42 days lockdown in the country in order to manage the second wave of COVID-19. People were left without any support and any possibilities to earn money. The situation for refugees became even worse. People were suffering from hunger and hopeless situation. Among them, domestic violence, early age pregnancies, and child abuse have increased.
We are Refugee Talent Group Centre RTG based in Kampala-Uganda. The refugees’ program aims to empower Refugees through Life Skills, Music and Dance, the development of self-sustainability, and local integration. We Educate and Entertain.
During our mini-training sessions, we have registered 42 vulnerable families with 300 people in need. They are asking for food, such as sugar, salt, cooking oil, and also assistance to pay the rent.
To feed each one we need USD 23.5
Which makes it 23.5×300=USD 7,650 in total
We need your help to support and save the life of these most vulnerable refugee families.
Every action count.
As UPG Sustainability Leader and Champion, I request your support for the vulnerable refugee families. To support, kindly contact us through United People Global (UPG)  or
Music is a vehicle to inspire community action and solutions.

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