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We are a team of 11 persons, named “We are blessed to bless ministries” working here in East Africa Burundi, one of the poorest country in the world. We are reaching forgotten people in their forgotten places specially orphans, homeless kids, widow and hopeless.

What we do: feeding them once a week as soon as we can, clothing them 3 times a year, sponsoring their schools 3 times a year, giving english learning session 4 times a month.

In short, we are committed to enabling children and families affected by poverty. This is our main needs, so we are dreaming to achieve that so we can bring change in the life of these orphans, vulnerable ones and poorest ones who are starving today without assistance.

Would wish to ask you if you could partner with us making a difference in East Africa Burundi.

Contact: mail.nshimymoses1@gmail.com

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  • Nshimirimana Moise

    Reply 13 March 2019 5 h 37 min

    This is our page :We are blessed to bless Ministries /Wbbm
    Working here in East Africa , the pictures you are seeing are the orphans we gathered from different places most of them were dying because of malnutrition we try to do our best even though it, s hard working alone and we are ready to do what you want us do as we need
    Partnering with you

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