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Unfortunatelly, coronavirus is spreading faster and faster in Brazil. We now have more than 5,000 infected people and rising. Brazil has many places where the majority of the inhabitants are elderly people. My neighborhood is one of these places. With this in mind, me and other young adults in the neighbourhood decided to create tools in order to help elderly people.

Our first concern is not letting these people go out and so we created a WhatsApp group to capture and map needs. With this operation, we can volunteer to go out and buy the things they need, such as food, medicines, masks etc. Initially it seemed like a big task, but actually, everything really simple and everyone can implement the same ideas in your own community. We support more old people and we share the responsibility together. Sometimes people may think that they need a lot of resources to do a lot of good, but there is so much that you can do with a little bit of organisation and team work. We have learned how to protect the elders by keeping our distance and using other measures which we are happy to share. If we can share our experience and help anyone else who wants to do this, please contact us via UPG. It is really important to take action to support people in need at this time.

We have appeared on the local news and now other people are doing the same already. And we are happy that this means that more elderly people are getting the support that they need. They took care of us and now we take care of them.

Ana Clara
UPG Champion
On behalf of our neighbourhood team

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