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WaKahani is a social enterprise created in 2019 to respond to the global issues of employment and education, in particular relating to skills gap for the new economy. Our main thrust is in low and middle income countries where 80% of youth above 15 years out of the 2 billion globally will be at risk of being left behind in workforce of tomorrow due to lack of adequate skills.

We are an innovative curriculum design company with a unique concept that include three areas:

  • Provide technology training
  • Use local stories and cases to develop entrepreneurial capabilities of our candidates
  • Provide candidates with a network to enable their ideas to flourish.

Our mission is to democratize technology education for the most vulnerable, and create a generation that starts using technology on a mass scale to create solutions to solve their local problems.

Call to Action: Help recommend to us communities, schools, institutions, after school clubs etc that can benefit from our services, and connect us organisations, companies that may want to donate our services to the latter as part of their CSR.

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