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The Breaking Red project is a response to a major problem that is being faced in most poverty ridden communities in Malawi, where girls miss school during menstruation due to lack of proper materials and this has adverse effects on their performance and class attendance and leads to dropouts, it also hinders girls from participating fully in society. To tackle this problem the Breaking Red project provides training on menstrual health hygiene management, distributes reusable sanitary napkins, teaches girls how to make these napkins and provides SRHR training to 300 girls in Mgona, Lilongwe Malawi. We work with various doctors, teachers and Yali RLCSA alumni to conduct these trainings and we work with girls aged 13-18 both in and out of school. This project includes a mentorship program where members of Ukani meet the girls weekly in the health and hygiene clubs within the community, these clubs provide the girls with safe spaces to interact, to share their struggles as well as learn about menstrual health hygiene management and SRHR. Through these clubs we are able to better monitor their progress both at school and at home. We engage the girls’ parents and teachers through open table discussions to break the silence on the challenges that girls are facing in accessing proper sanitary napkins and work on ending the stigma that surrounds issues of menstrual health in Malawi.

We are calling for volunteers (unpaid) and donations of any amount are accepted, please contact us on +265993048733 .

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