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The innovative BODA Community Smart City Applications Suite Solution enables localised and rapid alert of emergency events and depending on the type of emergency, communicates such to the citizen in distress’ neighbors as well as the appropriate emergency service entities within an adjustable radius – default of 2mile radius of the event; or exclusively with authorities as the event may require. A genius solution, it provides a platform to enable communities play active role in the management of emergencies from security concerns, to fire and medical.
The significance of the value this brings, I guess would be more appreciated in most places in the world, where the emergency services are not as attentive in their response as one would want; for in such places, the value of the community hearing a neighbour in distress from an armed robbery, a rape, an assault as it happens; and the opportunity to assist brings with it unmeasurable benefit.

Seeing the solution in action as a medical alert is sent, and every clinic and hospital within a catchment area receives the alert, together with directions to the patient in distress, as well as basic medical information provided by the patient, and, the hospital having the functionality to immediately communicate with the patient, see where they are, initiate ambulance pickup, automatically book a bed and alert the doctor and medical staff was a refreshing revelation.

The Boda Smart City Applications Suite has been updated with several features to help with reporting, tracing and managing the pandemics and epidemics such as the current COVID-19 pandemic. For this Pandemic, the configurable button can be configured to display the related name: COVID-19 alert. The genius here is that should there be a different pandemic or epidemic, the button can easily be reconfigured on demand by the epidemic managing entities, to display the subject alert in the citizen app for the population. The easy self-configuration extends too to the symptoms confirmation page which can be adjusted, depending on the symptoms present in a particular epidemic or pandemic; and the citizen flow couldn’t be simpler.

First of all, let me clarify that the solution is NOT a COVID19 Tracker. A tracker logs calls and represents such over map. The digital stores are full of such and their usefulness is questionable but in the age of desperation, any seems to go..

We have developed and offer to all African Countries for FREE the full suite of AI enabled COVID-19 Citizen Alert, Contact Tracing and Contact Monitoring Solution.

The Solution has 3 components
A citizen mobile app BODA COMMUNITY, used to alert authorities of a person experiencing listed selectable symptoms. It automatically seeks the nearest designated centre, and automatically books the citizen into the centre’s calandar. It also serves as an early warning device and advises if a confirmed case is within a configurable distance.
The control room dashboard webapp solution BODA DASHBOARD is geo sensitive and receives all alerts in its catchment area. Initial triage can be performed directly with the citizens on their mobile app via sms, notifications or voice. Scheduled appointments and details of primary patients can be changed. With the use of artificial intelligence, the solution identifies, direct and indirect patient contacts, their proximity to the patient and the duration of such proximity and can automatically book such contacts into centres nearest to where they may be or send quarantine instructions to such contacts. Where quarantine instructions are sent, there is the functionality to set a geofence which when violated, alerts the case manager and control room dashboard. In such case, the solution calls functionality described above to again carry out patient contact identification, tracing, booking or quarantine etc.
The third module BODA SECURE, provides field agents and case managers the functionality to interact with both citizens on BODA COMMUNITY and BODA DASHBOARD in the control and perform all functions digitally from a single source of data ensuring a complete picture of each event is provided.
The Apps Are available from Playstore and Apps Store and the whole Solution built with Oracle’s Tier 1 technologies, is cloud-based; hosted on Oracle’s Secure Datacentre ensuring that it is available, assessible worldwide and also in a secure environment.
The full solution is available to all countries who need it, deployment time is minutes!

Call to Action: is to get all countries on the solution and use most of the costs of developing individual solutions to augment front line activities costs.

The Citizen Apps BODA COMMUNITY is Free on the digital stores. Encourage everyone to download and use.

Christian Asante
Casantey Business Solutions Group

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